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Zero-energy model homes featured at the Solar Decathlon Europe 2019 to go on permanent display

A model house ark will display the latest innovations for sustainable building.

The SDE19 competition, a joint effort of ÉMI Nonprofit Ltd., the City of Szentendre, and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, was already extended beyond its two weeks for two months due to popular demand. The ÉMI Science and Technology Industrial Park saw some 15,000 visitors, and now a renovated Solar Village will open in 2020 as a Model House and Living Laboratory Park. 

Individuals to educational institutions were able to visit the original event for free and take in the latest solutions offered for sustainable building, from economical architecture and “cube houses” to energy-efficient designs and sustainable building materials.

Some of the original homes were taken down already, but for the re-opening in 2020, more zero-energy homes will be added to further stand as an example of the latest solutions on the sustainable architectural front. Measurements from the homes will also be used by those in the industry, including construction companies, investors and contractors, residential builders, policy makers, universities, and researchers.

All in all, the 2020 model house park will further serve as a real-world showcase of the latest products and designs and will allow for testing and analysis for rural developers, cutting-edge construction companies, and other parties interested in a zero-energy future.

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