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Youth Cycling World Cup to take place in Nyíregyháza

120 riders will start between August 20–22 at the opening of the 2021 Youth Cycling World Cup in Nyíregyháza.

Secretary of State for Sports Tünde Szabó emphasized that the International Federation doesn’t give the right to organize this competition easily. It may have helped that the organizers of the event had already demonstrated their experience with such an international sporting event by hosting Visegrad 4 Juniors in 2020. 

In Hungary, cycling is one of the 16 major sports, and youth education and sports tourism are also developing with the help of sports competitions, she added.

Athletes from 21 nations will arrive in Hungary, including one or two competitors who, despite their young age, have already signed a contract with a top club. The biggest star of the competition may be the Norwegian Per Strand Hagenes.

In addition to Hungary’s national team, the Lotus Regional Team from Pécs will also start this year, with Bence Mészáros as captain of the former and Kristóf Árvai as captain of the latter.

Péter Princzinger, the president of the Hungarian Cycling Association, said the competition provides a great opportunity for all the 12 Hungarian participants. 

The race starts with a 3.8-kilometer stage in Nyíregyháza, followed by two half-stages the next day — 89.9-kilometers around Vásárosnamény and 41.2-kilometers around Ibrány. On the closing day, the final stage of 108 kilometers will be in the area of Nyíregyháza again. 

Zsolt Törzsök, the president of the main organizer (Exercise, Health Recreation Sports Association), said at the press conference that they would like to create a tradition out of the competition.

The next — and probably the last — competition of the World Cup series will be held in the Czech Republic.

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