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There’s something for everyone, so make sure to get informed and register!

Take an orchid tour at Sas Hill, go bird watching in Tiszaalpár, or take the Geotour to check out some prehistoric paintings. These are just a few examples of what Hungary’s national parks are preparing for European National Parks Day. 

Since 1999, Europe has celebrated the anniversary of the creation of the first European national park (Sweden, 1909) on May 24. The initiative aims to make people aware of the importance of national parks and other protected areas as well as the importance of environmentally conscious thinking.

Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture and the Center for the Development of Active- and Eco-Tourism, together with 10 Hungarian national park directorates, will celebrate European National Parks Day on May 24 as well. 

The 10 national parks, created over the past nearly 50 years, are responsible for preserving and presenting natural values ​​to Hungary’s general public. And this year they aim to present high-quality environmental education programs.

Hungary’s first and largest national park, the Hortobágy National Park, was established in 1973, and the youngest, the Őrség National Park, opened in 2012. You can access more information about the parks and their programs on their websites and social media platforms. Most of the programs are subject to pre-registration at magyarnemzetiparkok.hu or on the sites of the individual parks.

In connection with the European National Parks Day, the government commission responsible for Active Hungary has launched a prize drawing on its Facebook page. In addition to smaller daily prizes, the main prize is a long weekend at the Keserűszeri Guesthouse in Őrség National Park.

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