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World-famous operatic tenor Jonas Kaufman to perform at MÜPA Budapest

The singer of “Parla piú piano” and “E Lucevan Le Stelle” is set to perform a concert promoting his forthcoming album at Hungary’s leading cultural institution on January 10, 2020.

What is one of the biggest sensations awaiting classical music fans in the upcoming season? Jonas Kauffmann’s concert, “Mein Wien.” Packed with new songs, the evening will last two and a half hours  and is bound to be a big hit among both established fans and those new to the German tenor’s incredibly varied and versatile repertoire.

Kauffman has been a lover of opera for as long as he can remember. The Munich-born star spent a considerable part of his childhood traveling around Austria with his parents, which is where he was first introduced to the genius of Richard Wagner, Johann Strauss, and the golden days of the Viennese operetta singing tradition.

Ever since, Kauffmann has pursued his dream of being an opera singer and has succeeded in creating songs that tap into the rich, multifaceted style of the Vienna State Opera. For “Mein Wien,” Kauffmann revisited his early-childhood memories, inspired by those he admired most  at an early age, while also exploring his strong, undeniable fascination with the city of Vienna. Taking inspiration from Johann Strauss, Imre Kálmán, and Ferenc Lehár alongside Robert Stolz and Karel Karel Komzák, Kauffman prepared material that’s about to become a favorite among operetta fans.

Adam Fischer, the Creative Director of Budapest Wagner Days, conducted for the album being promoted. However, Jochen Rieder, the leader of the Prague Symphony Orchestra, will conduct the concert on January 10 at MÜPA’s Béla Bartók National Concert Hall. The evening will also feature a love duet between Kaufmann and American soprano Rachel Willis-Sørens.

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