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World-famous Hungarian circus troupe performs in Munich

The Recirquel New Circus troupe is performing at the Tollwood Festival in Munich until December 31.

The Recirquel New Circus Troupe will perform its “Paris by Night” production at the Tollwood Festival in Munich until December 31. The show is considered a highlight of this year’s Winterfest part of the festival and is expected to attract around 10,000 people.

The “Paris by Night” production is being held inside a huge circus area set up in downtown Munich, which in and of itself is a cultural attraction. The venue normally holds 400 regular seats, but spectators will sit on tables instead of traditional chairs to watch the performances. The production draws inspiration from the distinctive world of renowned photographer Brassai.

The Tollwood Festival is one of the largest German music, cultural and eco-festivals, attracting around 800,000 visitors each year. The five-week festival is not only known for its diverse international music and cultural programs, but is also one of the most renowned platforms for ecological programs and climate protection in Germany.

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