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World-class international exhibitions opened at MODEM Debrecen

The works of the largest official international non-figurative group can be seen until January 30, 2022.

The international exhibition at MODEM entitled “Paris Abstracts. Abstraction-Création. Kandinsky, Helion, Calder, Moholy-Great…” showcases the activities of the largest international official non-figurative group ever, the Abstraction-Création, and the world of Paris in the 1930s on 1,500 square meters.  Abstraction-Création was a company of nearly 100 people, joined by artists from more than 20 countries, who attracted some of the world’s most prominent abstract artists of the 1930s.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said at the press event announcing the exhibition that it features 100 works, and after being displayed in Paris and New York, is now in Debrecen.

Flóra Mészáros, the curator of the exhibition, has been dealing with this topic for 14 years and has been working on compiling the exhibition for three years. This is the first modern exhibition held in Hungary, based on several years of renowned research on an international topic by a Hungarian art historian.

All the works of art on display are of outstanding cultural significance, and some of the international works have never been displayed in the Central and Eastern European region before. Those interested can see pictures and sculptures of world-famous artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Jean Hélion, Alexander Calder, Auguste Herbin, František Kupka and Jean Arp.

The exhibition is also the first to represent the work of world-famous Hungarian artists, including László Moholy-Nagy, Alfred Reth and Éthienne Beöthy, and well-known avant-garde artists such as Lajos Tihanyi and Ferenc Martyn. 

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