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Working group for new Vaccine Factory established

The working group held its inaugural meeting to decide on the type of vaccines to be produced.

One of the main goals of the working group is to decide what type and technology of vaccine against COVID-19 should be produced in the planned factory in Debrecen. 

At the first meeting, a proposal was made to produce inactivated vaccines (vaccines containing killed virus) and protein vaccines.

Speaking ahead of the meeting in Budapest on Wednesday, Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler said the idea of producing a vaccine in Hungary was born more than a year ago. He said that the government had decided to speed up the construction of the factory.

The minister told reporters after the meeting that several aspects had been taken into account and that the production of inactivated protein vaccines had been proposed on the basis of expert opinions.

The minister added that representatives of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, national institutes, the University of Debrecen, virus researchers, virologists and epidemiologists from the National Center for Public Health and health policy managers from the Ministry of Human Resources are involved in the work.

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