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Wonderful Hungary: Fabulous castle gardens

There are numerous castle parks to explore in Hungary — perfect for strolls, picnics and rejuvenation.

Esterházy Castle, Fertőd

The “Hungarian Versailles” features an extensive garden area with radial paths, shaped evergreens and magnificent flower beds. Visitors can opt for a guided walk, covering the ornamental courtyard, French and English parks, and linden trees, as well as the Margit Cziráky Rose Garden, where one can smell more than 8,000 rose bushes.

Festetics Castle, Keszthely

This castle park is home to centuries-old trees and, thanks to a recent renovation, features its original design from the 19th century. Attractions here include a garden pond, fountains, the Princess Chamber Garden, and Bird Park, where visitors can even pet some of the birds. 

Festetics Castle, Dég

The gardens here surround a classic castle and comprise the largest and most spectacular English park in Hungary. Among its treasures are a picturesque fishpond, romantic pedestrian bridges and an island — the perfect environment for long strolls. Despite the ongoing renovation of the castle itself, the park is open to visitors. 

Andrássy Castle, Tiszadob

The gardens of this romantic castle stretch along the Tisza River in the Northern Great Plain region of Hungary. Here, one can get lost in the gorgeous parterre garden, a maze of hedges forming an intricate floral design. 

Károlyi Castle, Füzérradvány

The castle is being renewed, but the park remains open, and visitors can explore bridges and streams, a fish pond, and a French garden with panoramic views. There are also some of the largest sycamore trees in the country, and it is said that you can walk for several hours without ever retracing your steps. 

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