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Winners of “Christmas Candy of the Year 2021” announced

A total of 15 winners were chosen from 152 candies.

The categories were decided this year in response to market changes and consumer demand, with the help of the Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers Association. 

In addition to the nine categories of the “Christmas Candy of the Year 2021” competition, there were also special categories for Christmas candy with no added sugar, lower-priced sweets, and the best new flavor as well. 

The 15 winners were chosen from 152 candies. More than 150 people helped judge, with more than 5,000 candies distributed for them to taste.

First place for “Christmas Candy of the Year 2021” went to the candy version of the cake “Egy falat Mennyország sütemény” by Sulyán Confectionery, inspired by the cake chosen as the Eucharistic Congress Cake. In second place was the Jamaican black coconut Christmas candy of Demeter Chocolate, while Stühmer pistachio cream scones took third.

In the Artisanal category, the winner was the chocolate truffle Christmas Candy dipped in white chocolate with a crispy biscuit by Sulyán Cukrászda. Second place went to the Jamaican black coconut Christmas candy of Demeter Chocolate, and third prize went to the salted caramel Christmas Candy of Kézműves Cukrászda. 

The first-place winner of the sugar-free Christmas Candy went to Stühmer’s hazelnut cream-filled milk chocolate, second place went to the Aranygaluska-flavored Christmas Candy of Lissé Ltd, and third place went to Stühmer’s orange snickers bar.

In the lower-priced Christmas Candy category, the winner was TESCO’s banana and raspberry crispy Christmas Candy, followed by LIDL’s white chocolate strawberry and apricot flavored Christmas Candy and Nestlé Boci cherry jelly Christmas Candy. 

Among the new flavors launched for the first time this year, Boci cherry jelly Christmas Candy was the best. 

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