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Vocational training teachers to receive pay rises

Vocational training teachers could be over HUF 100,000 richer during the next school year.

Gáborné Pölöskei, Deputy State Secretary for Vocational Training and Adult Education, has announced that the draft of the new Vocational Training Act includes a significant increase in salaries for vocational training teachers, and all students will be able to apply for a scholarship.

The wage increase, which will take effect on July 1, 2020, will enable the best professionals to be retained and new recruits to enter the vocational training sector as a lecturer from the corporate and business sectors.

By eliminating the wages of vocational training teachers from the scope of the Public Employees Act, educators will be able to negotiate individual wages with employers from next year onwards. 

The new system is also good for vocational education students. Today, scholarships are only available for students in shortage profession areas, but in the future everyone can apply for a scholarship. The number of scholarships granted will depend on academic achievement.

According to the ministry, young people working through the new system can expect a secure job and decent wages upon entering the job market. Additional funds of HUF 35 billion per year will be provided by the government to help increase wages across the country.

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