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Visegrád becomes popular tourist destination

The largest and most prestigious medieval festival in Hungary, the Visegrád International Palace Games, held in July each year, commemorates the 1335 Congress of Visegrád convened by Róbert Károly.

The town of Visegrád in Hungary has become a popular tourist destination throughout Europe, but not by chance. 

Visegrád is the cradle of trout farming across the region – the first lake was created in the sixties and two others in the mid-eighties. The lakes were unused until 2010, when Miklós Koncz, the current district forester, decided to restart the trout farming tradition. Now, fishing is possible in three fully stocked lakes and a fourth carp lake will open next spring, which will be ideal for sports fishing.

Every year, tens of thousands of people visit the highest point of the city, the Citadel, with its terrace overlooking the Danube Bend and home to several exciting exhibitions, especially from the Middle Ages. The Holy Crown and crown jewels have been preserved in the Citadel several times throughout our history. The replica of the Holy Crown can still be seen among the halls and corridors of the castle.

On the second weekend of July each year, the site of Solomon’s Tower hosts the Palace Games, the Medieval Knights Tournament of the Military Tradition Section of the Order of St. George. The event commemorates the 1335 Congress of Visegrád convened by Róbert Károly.

Visegrád is also the birthplace of the highly respected Visegrád group. Prime Minister József Antall launched the V3 in 1991 to symbolize the elimination of the previous system and the acceleration of Euro-Atlantic accession. Regional cooperation included Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary, and when the independence of the Czech Republic and Slovakia came about, the V4 was formed.

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