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Velodrome construction in Debrecen made a priority

The government has declared the velodrome investment in Debrecen to be a matter of special importance.

The Hungarian Cycling Association (MKSZ) announced that the decision is also a recognition of the achievements made in Hungarian cycling in the past year, by both the athletes and coaches.

Since the start of the preparatory work of the velodrome in 2018, planning, preparation and administrative tasks have been on the agenda, coordinated by the Vice-President of MKSZ,  Béla Kovács. The government’s declaration emphasizes the importance of this investment.

The government has approved the concept of the investment with a special decree “declaring administrative matters related to the Debrecen velodrome investment as a matter of priority for the national economy and designating the acting authorities.” It also reallocated HUF 420 million and declared the planned Pallag site as a target area.

In addition to Debrecen, the construction of a mobile velodrome is also progressing in the capital, as the investment in the Budapest wooden track entered the public procurement phase on February 8, and the tender was completed.

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