V4 Startup Force launches businesses worldwide

Design Terminal is organizing the V4 Startup Force with the support of the Visegrád Fund.

The V4 Startup Force brings together talented entrepreneurs from the Visegrád region to help launch their businesses onto the world stage. 

The top four startups enrolled in the V4 Startup Force program, one from each country, will be engaged in intensive enterprise development throughout November. 

The program started on November 4 in Budapest, followed by a 10-day tour to the other three Visegrád capitals, where startups will meet representatives from local businesses and the startup ecosystem. 

The new businesses will get the opportunity to introduce themselves to large companies and incubators, such as Vodafone Hungary, Tesco-Globál and MKB Fintechlab. Within these meetings, startups can build strong relationships with leading V4 companies and build their subsequent international expansion.

The scholarship program will be led by the Design Terminal and is supported by its partners, Czech UP21, Polish Reaktor Warsaw and CAMPUS in Slovakia, with assistance from the Visegrád Fund.

“Visegrád cooperation is more active today than ever. It is time to strengthen the economic dimension alongside political and cultural areas. This program does exactly that with the support of our most talented young founders,” said Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy, head of Design Terminal, at the launch of the V4 Startup Force program.

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