Untold Stories Budapest brings the best from Silicon Valley

The event brings the superstars of Silicon Valley to Hungary for the second time, November 9-10.

Speakers of the event will include Laura Behrens Wu, who founded her San Francisco-based company as an intern in Berlin. Shippo has since received an investment of more than USD 60 million. She’ll talk to Marvin Liao, a former leader of one of the most successful accelerators and seed investors in the U.S. (500 Startups), about the history of building Shippo and integrating international founders into Silicon Valley.

Hungarian-American serial entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling writer Patrick Vlaskovits will tell more about his latest venture, Superpowered, which he co-founded with Hungarian engineer Gábor Szántó. Szántó developed technology to take mobile audio to a new level in a small Hungarian village (Kápolnásnyék), while Vlaskovits led the business and sales from the USA. The startup was recently acquired by Splice.

The event will also feature Pavel Karagjaur, growth director at Bolt, one of the largest unicorns in the Baltics. He will give a speech about how to effectively scale a startup from country to country. Last but not least, Hendrik Haandrikman Bitrise’s director of growth will report on how to transform a growth team from a seed to a Series B investment.

In addition to foreign speakers, successful founders of some Hungarian startups will also participate at the event, including László Kishonti (CEO of AIMotive) and Balázs Vinnai (founder of Codecool and the president of IVSZ). Plus, Gyula Fehér, a partner of Oktogon Ventures, will talk about the effects of the coronavirus on the startup world.

In addition to Europa Media and Startup Europe Networks, Startup Hungary is also a co-organizer of the event.

You can participate in the event for free, but registration is required: 


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