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University of Debrecen takes 1st place among Hungarian unis in global list

The institution improved more than 130 places in the Round University Ranking.

In the latest Natural Sciences ranking of 729 institutions by the Moscow-based independent organization, the University of Debrecen ranked 141st with 72,184 points, jumping more than 130 places from last year’s 277th place. With this result, University of Debrecen became the first among Hungarian higher education institutions.

The authors of the Round University Ranking rate all universities on the basis of 20 indicators and four key areas of university activity including education (40 percent), research (40 percent), international indicators (10 percent) and financial sustainability (10 percent).

University of Debrecen had its best performance in the research category, 87th place, while in education, it got 93rd.

At the top of the rankings for Natural Sciences were three U.S. universities: the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Princeton University and Stanford University.

In RUR’s ranking for Technical Sciences, University of Debrecen improved from 598th to 577th, making it third among Hungarian institutions.

At the top of the list for Technical Sciences, comparing 790 institutions, was the University of Oxford in the UK, followed by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the US and Peking University in China.

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