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Two-thirds of career starters want a salary above HUF 350, 000

Just over 30 percent of those surveyed would settle for a monthly salary of HUF 350,000 or less.

MTI reported that according to the results of a survey commissioned by the human resources service Work Force, 27 percent of young people want a salary between HUF 350,000 and HUF 450,000, while over 10 percent consider a salary of HUF 600,000-800,000 realistic, and 2.7 percent of respondents are already thinking about a million forint salary when just starting out.

Meanwhile, 10 percent of young people could not say how much they would like to earn.

The survey found that, in addition to competitive pay, flexible working hours and open, supportive managers are the most important factors for young people when choosing a job. An inclusive team and the opportunity to progress are also desired.

70 percent of young people said they did not find it difficult to find the right job for them.

Facebook is the best platform for reaching young people looking for a job, with 60 percent of respondents saying they were looking for a job there. The second most popular platform is employers’ own digital platforms, with 35.4 percent of respondents using them.

The survey was commissioned by Work Force and carried out by Atkári Research&Analysis on a sample of 500 18-25-year-olds in May 2022.

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