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Two Michelin Stars for two Hungarian restaurants

A restaurant in Budapest and one in the countryside now boast two Michelin Stars.

The Michelin Guide’s award ceremony on November 3 produced a result that exceeded all expectations. Zsófia Jakab, deputy director general of marketing and communications of the Hungarian Tourism Agency, said at the award ceremony that it was a great success for Hungarian gastronomy that, in addition to the capital’s restaurants, quality restaurants from the Hungarian countryside are now also on the world gastronomic map. 

Five restaurants in the capital, Babel, Borkonyha Winekitchen, Costes, Essência and Salt have retained their stars, while Rumour has won the award for the first time. 

Hungary now boasts a total of two restaurants with two Michelin Stars and seven locations with one Michelin Star, ahead of the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia in Central Europe.

In addition to the well-known stars, the Michelin Guide has also rated the country’s restaurants in two other categories.

The BIB Gourmand award was given to six restaurants in the countryside: Anyukám Mondta (Encs); Casa Christa (Balatonszőlős); Kistücsök (Balatonszemes); Macok (Eger), Mór24 (Balatonfüred) and (Sparhelt) Balatonfüred. This award is given by the Michelin Guide to restaurants that offer high-quality food at a lower price, typically excellent bistros and family restaurants.

Other recommended restaurants that are included in the guide are marked with a Plate, and this year 47 restaurants nationwide achieved this distinction, 14 of them in the capital.

In total, 62 restaurants are listed in the Michelin Guide’s Hungarian recommendations.

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