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Two Hungarians win at Berlinale

Two Hungarian films took home awards for Best Director and Best Supporting Actor from the 71st Berlinale International Film Festival.

Dénes Nagy received a Silver Bear for Best Director for his movie Natural Light, while Lilla Kizlinger won for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal in Bence Fliegauf’s film entitled Forest- I See You Everywhere

Dénes Nagy is the first Hungarian filmmaker to win this award in the history of Berlinale. The jury highlighted Nagy’s war film for confronting the audience with having to choose between passivity and individual responsibility. 

Natural Light is set during World War II, in the occupied lands of the Soviet Union. In addition to the troops fighting on the eastern front, almost 100,00 Hungarian soldiers served in the areas behind the front. István Semetka, a simple Hungarian farmer, serves as a section leader for one of the infantry military units searching for illegal partisan groups hidden in Russian villages throughout the countryside. The story depicts the everyday lives of soldiers through the perspective of Semetka, who is burdened due to the unexpected death of his commander.

Bence Fliegauf’s film guides viewers into the feverish maze of everyday life and relationships, where the characters try to unravel perhaps the biggest secret of their lives: the other person. The invisible threads between the six little stories connect the people in them. Lilla Kizlinger was praised for her intense portrayal, which helped shed light on the deeper meaning of her story.

The selected films can be seen as part of the Berlinale Summer Special series of events, when public screenings are planned from June 9 to 20, 2021.

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