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Tourism Development in the Lake Tisza Region

The project seeks to increase the number of overnight stays in the region.

A consortium led by the Tiszaszentimre Municipal Municipality has won around HUF 330 million in non-refundable funding under the Operational Program for Spatial and Urban Development.  The funding has been awarded for the tourism development of cultural and heritage sites in seven settlements in the Lake Tisza region. 

The project aimed to increase the number of overnight stays in the region and the number of visitors to local attractions by developing the region’s tourism with visitor-friendly elements and showcasing its cultural heritage, the project said.

The project included renovating several sites, including the Roman Catholic churches in Tiszaszentimre and Fegyvernek, the Reformed churches in Tiszafüred and Karcag, and the synagogue in Karcag. In addition, they said a prayer house was built in Kenderes-Bánhalma, and a cultural open-air museum was set up in Tiszaörs to showcase traditional cultural-rural (village) values and tools.

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