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Tihany lavender oil may get a trademark

After a long period of preparation and consultation, the Lavender Council of Tihany has been formed with the involvement of several local organizations.

The aim of the council is to create a new brand, Tihany Lavender Oil, which is a purely local product and whose origin is controlled and quality guaranteed.

The trademarked lavender oil from Tihany can only be produced from lavender grown and processed in Tihany, and producers who qualify for the trademark can use the logo on their products for one year.

The procedure for obtaining the trademark is linked to the 15-year-old foundation headed by President József Tóth. The Balaton-Highlands National Park is also involved as a partner in the preparatory work for awarding the trademark, as it is well known that the lavender field boasting the area is an essential stop on the Balaton-Highlands hiking trails.

Two and a half years ago, the procedure for the protection of lavender oil was sped up thanks to the development foundation, Imre Tósoki, mayor of Tihany, said. He added that they want to involve as many companies and producers as possible in the procedure.

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