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Thousands of miles of Hungarian roads renovated since 2010

The country’s roadways were in dire need of maintenance due to neglect under previous administrations.

Between 2010 and 2019, 6,000 kilometers of roads were renovated in Hungary via an investment of HUF 755 billion. Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrt. completed work on 160 road sections this year alone. László Mosóczi, State Secretary for Transport Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), stated that prior to 2010, the country’s network of 32,000 kilometers of roads had been completed neglected, making the resulting maintenance sorely needed. This is especially the case when it is taken into consideration how highway quality and adequate accessibility affects all regions of the country. 

Presently, there are three programs being run in parallel. The Complex Road Renewal Program now involves more than HUF 174 billion, with which over 550 sections have been slated to be renewed between 2016 and 2020, amounting to about 1,500 kilometers. Another 520 kilometers will be renovated under the Operational Program for Spatial and Urban Development, co-financed by the EU, with HUF 55 billion. And under the Hungarian Village Program, initiated in 2019 and meant to modernize rural access and connecting roads, has seen 220 kilometers renovated this year at some 80 locations via an investment of HUF 26 billion. Partly financed by tolls, the budget for this program is set to be HUF 50 billion next year. 

Extensive renovations have, and will continue to take place, on sections of the M1 and M7 motorways as well, and HUF 400 billion had been allocated separately for maintenance and operation in a five-year contract starting in 2016. Repairs this year, including for bicycle lanes, have utilized nearly 150,000 tons of asphalt.

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