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Those interested can apply for support to purchase an e-bike

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology is providing a total of HUF 1 billion in support for the purchase of e-bikes.

An important element in the implementation of the Climate and Nature Action Plan is the greening of road transport. The new support program will further accelerate the spread of environmentally friendly vehicles in Hungary, the pace of which has already been at the forefront of Europe. 

According to the Ministry, it will now be more affordable for individuals to purchase e-bikes, primarily to make it easier for them to get to work. The support can be provided for up to half of the value of the e-bike but not more than HUF 90,000 for bicycles with pedal sensors and HUF 150,000 for bicycles with torque sensors.

Péter Kaderják, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy, explained that supporting the purchase of electric bicycles could lead to a reduction in less environmentally friendly road traffic and cleaner and better air quality in cities. He added that, thanks to the tender, emissions of at least 1,600 and up to 2,700 tons of greenhouse gases per year could be saved depending on the number of vehicles supported and used for work. This equates to affecting 275 to 465 households per year. By reducing the harmful effects of emissions on people’s health, the quality of life in cities will improve, he noted.

The first application period starts November 23 and ends November 27. Thereafter, applications can be submitted every month until October 29, 2021, or until the budget is exhausted. The application must be accompanied by proof of employment or income.

The manager of the program (IFKA Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.) will decide on the eligibility of an application within 20 working days. Winning applicants will then be provided the necessary support document for the purchase of an e-bike via the tender portal within another 10 working days.

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