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These are the most liveable areas in Hungary

In line with international professional trends, real estate agency Otthon Centrum has published its own livability ranking for the sixth time.

For the analysis, experts compared the quality of life indicators of cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The ranking is topped by Budapest’s Castle District and city center, while the best places to live in the countryside are Eger and Veszprém.

The liveability ranking is led by Budapest districts I and V with 83 and 81 percent respectively. The two districts are outstanding in most indicators, with the only exception being the average number of migrants per population.

In the top 10, three districts from the inner city of Pest (VI, VII, IX) and the Buda side (II, XI, XII) are listed with scores between 62 and 70 percent. The outer districts of Pest (districts XVII, XVIII, XXI, XXIII) are at the bottom of the capital’s livability ranking, with the primary reason for this being that it takes a long time to get to work. 

Eger came out on top for rural cities (66 percent), closely followed by Veszprém. Most of the cities with county status scored between 52 and 60 percent, putting them in the middle of the range.

The quality of life of a given area is also reflected in housing purchases, with buyers willing to pay more for a higher quality of life environment. However, the location of the property can have a significant impact on prices, most notably in cities with county status. 

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