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There are now three thermal spas in Hungary

Not every thermal bath can officially be called a “spa.”

Hungary has added several new thermal spas, the first in two years. Both spas are located near Lake Balaton, the thermal Spa in Marcali, and the Annagora Aquapark in Balatonfüred.

According to termalonline.hu, the term spa is often used colloquially as a synonym for thermal baths; however, it does not mean that. A spa is a legal category, and the title can only be obtained through an official procedure.

The title of spa can be officially granted to any spa that offers therapeutic treatments using medicinal water, medicinal mud, or other natural healing agents, so the facility in Fured is likely to expand its services once the title has been bestowed.

Last time, the thermal spa in Tamasi, Tolna County, was awarded the title of spa back in 2020, and in 2021, only previous qualifications were renewed. This year, two spas near Lake Balaton can now proudly hold the title.

While the thermal baths in Marcali have always offered certified thermal water, Annagora has so far only been operating seasonally as a water theme park during the summer season.

But to obtain the title of spa, it is sufficient to provide spa treatments using thermal, mineral, or heated water.

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