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Theater at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts will present its highly successful theatrical production, Texture, again.

The idea behind the production is the meeting of fine arts, literature and theater. The museum asked contemporary Hungarian authors to write new literary texts about each of the collection’s most inspiring and prominent works; these writers were asked to provide a new interpretation of each artwork in a fresh, even provocative, way. 

Nine performances, directed by Katona József Theater’s Kriszta Székely, will then showcase these texts at the Museum of Fine Arts. Serving as venues for each scene of the production will be the exhibition hall of the Antique, Egyptian and Old Hungarian collections, the Old Gallery, and the beautifully renovated Romanesque Hall. 

Thus, Texture leads visitors through the museum’s permanent collections. Each short performance is independent of the other, with the actors repeating them over and over again over the course of each evening (although, they do get a break) so nobody misses a scene. 

The program seeks to emphasize the importance of classical art and show what new meaning they carry for a 21st-century Hungarian audience.

Due to the strict epidemiological regulations, fewer spectators can take part in the performances, so the production will also be available online at eszinhaz.hu.

Premier: November 3, 7 p.m.

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