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The Zselic Park awaits visitors with a stargazing program

Those interested in the wonders of nature are invited to the Star Park in the Zselic Forest Park for a night of shooting stars.

The first week of August is the best time to see the shooting stars in Zselic, one of the clearest skies in Hungary and Europe. 

Perseids are not real stars, of course, but meteoroids are the debris of rocks, mostly the size of grains of sand, orbiting in space, the remnants of the so-called Swift-Tuttle comet. These tiny pieces hit the atmosphere at over 100,000 kilometers per hour. Friction causes them to heat up and burn up in a spectacular flare.

The first Perseids can be seen as early as the end of July, but they can be seen on any clear night usually until the 24th of August.

Stargazing is recommended without binoculars. The brightest meteors can be seen from cities where there are no lights. The main condition for observation is clear skies. In cloudy weather, little or nothing of the shooting stars, and only the brighter meteors, are visible.

From August 10 to 13, a free program will be available for visitors to the square in front of the Zselic Observatory, without registration.

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