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The wonders of Palócföld

Palócföld holds a whole host of traditional and cultural wonders just bursting to be seen.

The Palóc area lies deep within northern Hungary, between the Great Plain and the Hungarian-Slavic language border. Palócföld is worth a visit at any time of year, but none more so than in the festive period. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer for those thinking of taking a trip.

Cross stitch and embroidery from Recsk

In Recsk, one can find a country house and a creative house designated to preserving centuries old traditions and artisan methods. The Csillagvirág Flower Folk Art Association, founded in 2004, cherishes the tradition of embroidery. The women in Recsk still hold ancient knowledge and young people come to learn how to make cross stitch and embroidery during summer camps and creative classes.

Pillows and homespun

In Mátraderecske, people can visit the Palóc Barn which serves as the venue for the 13-year-old Palóc Pillow Festival or the annual Open Workshop Day. Known for its mofetta, Mátraderecske has a centuries-old tradition of weaving. In the small town, visitors can also meet a joyful retired female choir singing traditional folk songs in elaborate folklore dress.

The life of Madáchnguage border. Its habitants are the “Palóc”, the largest ethnic group in Upper Hungary (Felföld). 

In Alsósztregova, the castle of Imre Madách, one of the most famous Hungarian writers can be found. Stepping into the castle, visitors can take a glimpse into the writer’s everyday life and can visit the Tragedy of Man exhibition, which was Madách’s greatest work.

The village of traditions

In Southern Slovakia, Hrušov’s most famous event, the Honti Parade in August, has been visited by crowds for more than two decades. Being one of the most visited festivals in the country, the village of barely a thousand residents hosts more than 15,000 people where they can immerse themselves in the world of the old crafts at more than 20 locations.

Tasty Vanyarc

In Vanyarc, you can treat yourself with culture, art and traditional Hungarian cuisine. By organizing the Haluska festival, the city has been promoting the Hungarian traditional dish, haluska, a strapachka or a dumpling made with sheep cheese, for one and a half decades. But Vanyarc is also the home of the Dessewffy mansion and the fascinating shod eggs.

A cross-border project

Aiming to preserve and to promote the area, three Slovakian and three Hungarian partners applied for funds from the “Palócföld-Hont-Podpol’anie” EU project. After receiving EUR 1.3 million, they created a common heritage-themed path and developed a visitor-friendly program.

The aim of the project is to make better use of the cultural traditions and natural values of the region, to develop and connect new and existing attractions, to create a sustainable, family-friendly and attractive tourism package and to develop the necessary organizational system.

Within the project, a mobile application will also come to life. GUIDE@HAND will provide features such as voice guided tours, a list of attractions and service providers in the area, a panoramic 360-degree photo tour, and a QR-code scoring game.

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