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The utilization of geothermal energy is supported by the government

Plus, a hydrogen charging network for vehicles may be coming soon.

The Ministry of Innovation has recently published a call for tenders, which will provide funding for the high-cost phase of geothermal energy utilization activities, up to the available budget of HUF 6 billion. 

Hungary’s geological conditions are unique, which can be a competitive alternative to other fossil energy sources, Attila Steiner emphasized. 

The long-term goal is also to green the existing heat production and community district heating systems, and to this end, the government intends to support the entire value chain. These support schemes are still under development, Attila Steiner, State Secretary for the Development of the Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, told one local newspaper.

In the interview, Steiner said that the ministry is constantly monitoring the implementation of the energy strategy adopted at the beginning of last year, and it is doing very well. In the latest amendment to the Hungarian law, the framework for the operation of renewable energy communities has already been created, he added.

He said that hydrogen is the closest to competitiveness for heavy-duty vehicles, and a charging network may be worthwhile. However, the dense network required for electric vehicles is not needed because with hydrogen, a vehicle can cover up to 600-700 kilometers. Thus, 15-20 chargers along international transport routes will be enough initially, the secretary of state said.

The state secretary emphasized that the entire European energy sector is in transition, the energy mix is ​​changing, and renewables are moving forward. 

It is difficult to predict how all of this will affect the security of supply and energy prices, and whether it will be necessary to change the Hungarian model, he added. 

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