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The University of Debrecen cooperates with NEKÜ Nonprofit

The National Agency for Health Research (NEKÜ) Nonprofit Ltd. and the University of Debrecen have signed a strategic agreement in the field of clinical trials and drug research.

Miklós Kásler, Minister of Human Resources, said that Hungarian health and clinical research trials are among the best in Europe. 

As MTI and debrecen4u.hu reported, the minister said that research networks would be established for the research of the most important groups of diseases and that the task of the NEKÜ would be to integrate Hungarian research ideas and practices into the international field.

The minister expressed his pleasure that the University of Debrecen, as an important institution in clinical research, is participating in the program and organizing an educational program for clinical investigators.

György Kossa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation of the University of Debrecen, said that this is a milestone in the life of the university, which pays special attention to the development of the social, economic and scientific life of the country and its eastern region, as well as to its contribution to medicine and health promotion. 

The university’s high-quality theoretical teaching activities will be complemented by practical support to bring the training programs that underpin medical and health sciences research to the next level, he said.

Julianna Katalin Tarnai, Managing Director of NEKÜ, said that the aim of the agency is to improve the professional, material and personnel conditions for international clinical trials and medical research in Hungary.

Their goal is to create a professional environment for more international programs to be brought to Hungary and increase the number of clinical research projects initiated by doctors. Another of their tasks is to organize education and training courses, and they have started to promote Hungary in clinical trials as well, she said.

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