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The Territorial Innovation Platforms initiative is now a national network

In the last two years, the Territorial Innovation Platform (TIP) has been established in 12 rural locations near Budapest.

TIPs open up new avenues for innovative actors in a given region, based on cooperation, networking and effective information transfer.

In addition to five national professional organizations, 330 local members have joined the network so far.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, with the active professional participation of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation (NKFIH), 13 locations nationwide joined the TIP system to make university knowledge centers effectively serve innovation in those regions. 

At the same time, the established TIPs provide an opportunity for the actors of a given region to get to know the innovation policies, strengthen the local innovation ecosystem, establish collaborations, and create new professional foundations. Members will be informed about current domestic and international innovation applications, be able to use resources more efficiently, and have direct access to the research and development capacities of the university.

Hungary seeks to enhance its innovation performance using a smart specialization strategy, focusing on the strengths of local actors.

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