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Science-innovation youth talent competition winners revealed

The winners of the 28th Youth Science and Innovation Talent Competition have been announced.

Creativity, collaboration and skill development are becoming increasingly important in order to make young people ready for the challenges of the future. Since everything in the future will be affected by innovation, education should provide solid, competitive and useful knowledge.

The Hungarian Association for Innovation announced that 112 tenders were received for this year’s competition, out of which 16 were from Hungarian youths beyond the borders, with 63 projects completed by the deadline.

The three first-place prizes were awarded to:

  • the tender on automation and remote control of astronomical telescopes by Balázs Vámosi and Péter Pósa from Táncsics Mihály High School (Kaposvár);
  • Miklós Zsigó’s moly.net, which analyzes the data collected by a moth trap placed into a fruit orchard, from Krúdy Gyula High School (Nyíregyháza);
  • and Botond Mészáros’s simulation of N-Body Problems in the M-Dimension, from Gheorghe Pop de Băseşti Technological Lyceum (Cehu Silvaniei, Romania).

Hungary to be represented at the 31st European Contest for Young Scientists 

According to the Hungarian Association for Innovation, Hungary will be represented by the three winners at the 31st European Contest for Young Scientists to be held from September 13-18 2019, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The European Union has organized the contest since 1988 to promote cooperation among young scientists between the ages of 15 to 20 in order to contribute to the development of promising young talents. Hungary was the first country from the East-Central European region to join the EU-wide competition in 1992.

Gábor Szabó, President of the Hungarian Innovation Association, emphasized that the work in the fields of research, development and innovation that has already begun must be continued, and that the young talents should be encouraged to realize their ideas.

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