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The ports of Lake Balaton have been reclassified

After evaluating the data, several marinas have been placed in a category that is at least one level higher.

The Hungarian Sailing Academy NKft. reclassified the marinas around Lake Balaton. The main qualifications concerned mooring possibilities, the quality of port services and nature conservation, the Hungarian Sailing Association (MVSZ) stated.

A total of 33 marinas around Lake Balaton were assessed, eight of which reached the highest four-star level. The Fenyves Yacht Club in Balatonfenyves and the Alsóörs Marina in Alsóörs stood out with a result of over 90 percent, followed by BL Yachtclub in Balatonlelle.

Eight marinas achieved a three-star level, six received a two-star rating, and nine earned one-star.

It is extremely important for the Hungarian Sailing Association that Hungary’s sailing community has access to high-quality marinas. At the same time, comparing the results to foreign examples, the low number of spots for sailing and hiking is striking. There is a definite need for improvement in this area in the future. In addition, given international examples, there is space for the development of additional berths in the case of Lake Balaton, which, in addition to increasing tourism can also help the local economic recovery, András Holczhauser, the secretary general of MVSZ, emphasized.

Significant renovation works are planned for the ports surveyed as well as others within a year, so the overall standard of marinas is expected to further improve.

The Balatonfüred International Sailing Center is currently being developed, the Balatonfő Yacht Club is expanding its capacity, the development of the Club Aliga port is in the works, and the renovation of the marina network of Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. is underway.

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