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The Petőfi Literary Museum goes virtual

Due to the spread of the coronavirus and newly established restrictions, the Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM) is allowing for virtual access to its exhibitions and collections through digital content.

The PIM website and the museum’s official Facebook page are giving updates on newly added digital content. As of now, the exhibition entitled “The Concave Face of God” (Isten homorú arcán) was “opened” virtually on March 17, 2020, by Zoltán Beck in memory of József Choli Darócz, and the exhibition entitled “So many secrets left” (Annyi titkom maradt), commemorating the 100th birthday Magda Szabó, is available for viewing as well. 

You can also visit the impressive exhibition entitled “Self-Portrait in the Masks” (Önarckép Álarcokban), which opened in 2017 and is dedicated to János Arany.

Video and audio from PIM’s previous programs are continuously uploaded to the museum’s YouTube channel. The portraits of József Attila Prize-winning writers will also be available soon, and rare audio recordings from the PIM Media Library archive can be found on the PIM Spotify podcast, while the creators interpret their work on the Pimmedia page.

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