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The ‘One With Nature’ World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition is an event of international significance for sustainability

The exhibition, starting on Saturday, will be an internationally important event on sustainability, Zoltán Kovács, the government commissioner responsible for the implementation of the world exhibition, said.

Kovács emphasized that visitors can expect a more diverse event than planned. Thousands are working on the preparations, and a mobile application is being prepared for the event, he added.

He stated that wildlife management is not in opposition to environmental protection. The survival of forests is inconceivable without human intervention, and unmanaged nature will soon fall out of balance

In addition to the hunting knowledge accumulated over the centuries, the World Exhibition also considers it its task to present environmental experiences. The presentations will accompany the entire World Expo on the stage of the World Conservation Forum, Kovács added.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén stated that hunting is not just a private affair of the participants, as hunting tourism generates significant income and usually takes guests to poorer areas.

The rank of the event is well indicated by the fact that János Kádár also tried to consolidate his international relations for the previous event in Budapest in 1971, when many who had emigrated from Hungary were able to visit home for the first time, he added.

Semjén expects the World Expo, along with accompanying events, to bring at least 1 million visitors by the end of October 14th.

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