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The Night Walks will be held in four cities

Those interested can choose from 36 themed city walks in Budapest, Debrecen, Keszthely and Veszprém.

The Hungarian Walking Association, which brings together three large walking companies, will hold a night of walking on Saturday, July 25, and there are some special offerings for the occasion. 

In Budapest, for example, those interested can visit the renewed Paris Courtyard and the world-class campus of MOME, or take part in the Gellérthegy Football Tales walk led by an expert sports journalist.

In Debrecen, people can roam around the city center, while in Keszthely, they can discover the unique collection of books at the Festetics Palace. Participants can also get to know the adventures of an eccentric barber in Veszprém.

According to the Hungarian Walking Association, tens of thousands have taken part in thematic sightseeing tours across the country in recent years, as such walks allow people to experience a city in ways not offered by traditional tourist tours. City walks also create an opportunity for locals to get to know their home and country as well.

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