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The new season for Hungarian holiday cruise ships starts in May 2021

In 2020, the holiday boats were tested on Lake Tisza and in the Tokaj area.

Based on guest feedback, the boats, base ports and crew were rated positively, but local tourism offerings and programs still need to be improved, MAHART announced in its statement.

During the summer season, the Holiday Cruise Program received foreign travelers who learned about the destination through its French partner office of Nicols. According to statistics, they came from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Slovakia to try out boating in Hungary.

The highest number of visitors used the boats in August (62%), while 40% did so in September and July, and 25% in October. The data also revealed that a total of 109 vessels were rented in Kiskör and 89 in Tokaj. The number of Hungarian and foreign guests combined exceeded 1,000.

The goal was not to reach 100% utilization but to gather feedback during this trial period to improve the experience in 2021, Zoltán Kárándi, project manager, said. 

In 2021, the season will run from May to October. A discounted package will be available for boats in the Tokaj region, and the lock on Tiszalök will be ready for use. Also, passengers will no longer have to drop off their boat at the same port from where they departed.

In addition to periodic discounts, permanent discounts will also be available, with a maximum discount of 25% off the boat-rental price. Discounts for family, group (multiple boats), senior and multi-week bookings will also be available.

The pre-booking campaign offering extra services to passengers runs until January 31, 2021.

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