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The most lovable Hungarian workplaces were announced

For the fourth time, Dreamjo.bs has announced the “Most Lovable Workplaces” award in Hungary.

In addition to Budapest, most of the companies awarded for being the best places to have a job were from Szeged and Pécs; this year, for the first time, companies from Transylvania could also apply for the competition.

Nearly 1,100 Hungarian and Transylvanian companies applied for the award, and a total of 26 different industries were represented among the entrants. The majority of the top companies are engaged in software development, communications, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and finance. 

While previously small businesses were typically nominated for the award, almost a third of this year’s nominees were medium to large companies. Although most of them came from the capital and Pest county regions, rural companies also joined the competition, with entries from a total of 156 villages throughout Hungary.

The award was given to the 150 best-performing SMEs, 35 large companies and 10 Transylvanian companies. The professional jury awarded five HR and five employer-branding special prizes this year as well, one of which was awarded to a Transylvanian company.

Companies that were named top winners for the fourth time include BOOKR Kids, Emarsys-Technologies Kft., Green Fox Academy, Infosector, KAJAHU, Loffice Budapest, PV Napenergia, Szamlazz.hu, UXstudio, Webtown and Y-collective.

In addition, companies such as Magyar Telekom, Telenor, Vodafone Hungary, Praktiker, Gedeon Richter, Decathlon, NetPincér, Bátor Tábor Alapítvány and Brain Bar were also awarded. 

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