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The Morgan Stanley cloud is being developed in Hungary

An online platform for the world's leading equity trading business is being developed in Budapest.

Dave Atheis, Head of Technology at Morgan Stanley Hungary, reported that IT professionals working at its Budapest office are currently working on the integration of cloud-based solutions for the global investment bank and financial services company.

The analysis group, which started with 30 people 14 years ago, has now grown into a 2,000-strong branch office responsible for several IT developments, including a new online platform for the world’s leading equity trading business. 

According to Dave Atheis, 10 years ago, “understanding IT at the user level” mostly meant that someone could print, send email and use a word processor. Today, deeper IT knowledge in finance is an advantage, and analysts are very needed.

The expert also spoke about the long-standing collaboration between Corvinus University and Morgan Stanley as a good example of how to prepare the next generation for the new digital age of finance.

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