The Ministry of Agriculture uses more HUF 9 billion to support wine producers

The funds will help alleviate the economic damage caused to Hungarian wine producers by the coronavirus epidemic.

Minister of Agriculture István Nagy said that wine consumption has dropped significantly due to the epidemic, so more than HUF 9 billion from EU and national funds will be forthcoming in the next few months. As part of the compensation, the ministry is using HUF 2.5 billion to reduce excess supply putting pressure on the wine market due to products that have become unsellable or difficult to sell.

The “green” harvesting aid introduced last year can be applied for this year as well, thus providing a safety net for winemakers who are unable to place their harvest this year in time. He added that the amount of support varies between HUF 439,000 and HUF 968,000 per hectare. The amount of the support framework for this is HUF 5.1 billion.

The ministry has also decided upon a new form of support exclusively for medium and small wineries. These businesses process their own grapes and also primarily sell their products directly to consumers locally and have thus suffered the biggest loss in revenues in recent months.
On an additional note, the winemaker of the year award for the 2020 Winemakers’ Competition was announced by Zoltán Guller, CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency: Károly Áts, the owner of the Áts Family Winery in Tokaj-Hegyalja, which was founded in 2012 in Mád.

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