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The Hungarian team took 11th place in the Bocuse d’Or Lyon final

The Hungarian final will take place on October 21.

For the meat dish, for the first time in the history of Bocuse d’Or, the teams were given the same dish to prepare. The bowl was supplemented with a metal dish, in which a stew had to be served. A takeaway menu also had to be presented, with three dishes, each with tomatoes as a mandatory ingredient.

The meat theme of the Hungarian team consisted of the following elements: braised beef; two types of vegan potato pancakes (confit potatoes with onions, pickled capers and thyme, and crispy mashed potatoes); vegetable fricassee; and broccoli and beetroot salad with horseradish and apples. The appetizer was a ratatouille tart with confit tomatoes, tomato vinaigrette and parsley oil. The main course was a yolk stuffed with shrimp, placed in the takeaway box with a white tomato sauce, grilled tomatoes and shrimp bisque. Dessert consisted of tomatoes, strawberries, and elderberries.

The final results of the Bocuse d’Or 2021 were as follows:

  • Social Commitment Award: Columbia
  • Best commis: Switzerland
  • The best takeaway presentation: Sweden
  • The best meat dish: Iceland
  • Bronze: Norway
  • Silver: Denmark
  • Gold: France

The Hungarian stand set up in SIRHA Lyon attracted international experts throughout the exhibition. Visitors were able to learn more about Hungarian gastronomy and, of course, excellent Hungarian wines. This is also of particular importance because the European selection of Bocuse d’Or will take place in Hungary in March 2022.

That is why the Hungarian Bocuse d’Or Academy is preparing for the next competition, and the Hungarian final will take place on October 21, with Balázs Adamek, Bence Dalnoki, Tibor Huszár, Roland Kelemen and István Veres competing.

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