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The government supports the purchase of nearly 6,900 electric bicycles

In the tender for the purchase of electric bicycles, 97% of the applicants won a total of nearly HUF 736 million.

Tamás Schanda, Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said in a statement on Monday that the priority goal of the Climate and Nature Action Plan is to green transport, and the ministry has thus launched a call for proposals to encourage environmentally friendly cycling.

The 12th round of the call, which recently closed, will provide winners with a contribution of up to HUF 90,000 per person for the purchase of nearly 5,000 pedal-operated bicycles. Thanks to the program, more than 1,900 additional torque-sensing bicycles will be available with maximum support of HUF 150,000.

Schanda said that the main mission of the program is to encourage people who drive to work to choose cycling instead. Cleaner, quieter and less crowded streets thanks to bicycles will improve the quality of urban life.

The state secretary recalled that the ministry is also accelerating the greening of transportation through the Green Bus Program. The introduction of electric buses will reduce noise and air pollution in municipalities with a population of over 25,000. 

In total, the government has already spent more than HUF 20 billion on incentives for clean electric vehicles.

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