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The COVID-19 PCR test is free if ordered by a GP, hospital or authority

The official price for a PCR test will be HUF 19,500 .

If the PCR testing is ordered by a doctor, hospital or authority, you will still not have to pay for it, Secretary of State Csaba Dömötö pointed out. As of now, 580,000 samples have been taken in Hungary, mostly free of charge.

As to those who decide to get tested of their own accord, they will have to pay for the PCR test themselves. Dömötör also reported that the cabinet decided to introduce an official price for the PCR test of HUF 19,500, which includes the fee for sampling and testing.

The official price will apply to those who voluntarily request a PCR test, for example, to get out of official home quarantine with two negative results when returning from abroad.

The goal is that no one can “profit” from the test; the government’s decision regarding the maximum price serves this purpose, Dömötör emphasized.

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