The cargo base of Liszt Ferenc Airport is expanding

The Chinese-Hungarian air “silk road” will be established after a very significant development in the Ferihegy freight service, together with Chinese partners.

In the medium term, today’s capacity could multiply if the planned Chinese logistics collection and distribution center, measuring tens of thousands of square meters, is realized. 

China’s role in the global space is becoming increasingly important, and Hungary is a very important staging ground for the Chinese-European economic and trade cooperation.

According to previous news, Budapest Airport Zrt. has started looking into a possible further expansion of BUD Cargo City, which was completed last year with an investment of EUR 50 million (HUF 18.3 billion).

Earlier this month, however, the realization of a Chinese-Hungarian air “silk road” was formally announced. Budapest Airport (BA), the Chinese Henan Airport Group (the operator of Chengzhou International Airport) and CECZ (Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone)/Utlink signed a cooperation agreement, meaning that a Chinese logistics base could be built at Budapest’s airport. 

The goal is to create an air silk road between China and Hungary, establishing dedicated logistics centers at the two airports to serve freight traffic. The project is expected to take the two countries to a new level of cooperation, enabling the above airports to become a prominent air-freight gateway to China and the entire CEE region and offering opportunities to market players such as the Alibaba Group. 

The direct air connection between Budapest Airport and Chengzhou International Airport can therefore bring significant logistical benefits — not only to Hungary and China but also to the entire Central and Eastern European region. It is supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Airport Directorate of the National Tax and Customs Administration, the National Investment Agency (HIPA), the Hungarian Post (Magyar Posta Zrt.) and Ghibli Kft.

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