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The budget 2021 for economic protection has been adopted

The Hungarian Parliament adopted the 2021 budget with numerous new regs and resources.

The main goal of the budget is to restart the economy, and numerous areas that could benefit from additional resources. For example, HUF 156 billion more will now be spent on healthcare in 2021.

In 2021, the action plan to protect families will also continue, with nearly HUF 2.3 trillion available in support, 67 billion higher than this year.

Some highlights: The family tax system will be maintained, support for the first successful language exam and transport basics course will be increased, nursing salaries will be increased, kindergarten and nursery school capacity will be increased, and childcare funding will be given priority.

According to the budget, economic growth should come in at 4.8 percent, and inflation may be around 3 percent. A health insurance and epidemic protection fund of nearly HUF 3 trillion is also included in the budget. 

The following decisions were also made:

School guards will start operating 

From September 1, 2020, school guards will be able to serve in 500 public education and vocational training institutions. The guards will be established as a separate law enforcement body under the direction of the police. They can only take action on school premises during teaching hours and may use coercive measures including physical coercion, pepper spray, baton, and handcuffs. They will not be armed with a gun.

Banning disposable plastics

EPs agreed on banning the use of plastic ear swabs, cutlery, plates, straws, drink sticks and  food and drink containers made from the so-called expanded polystyrene in the future in accordance with the EU directive. 

Reduced tax of 5 percent on housing in rust zones

Parliament has amended several laws to allow new homes to be built in rust zones (areas of economic decline) in the future. EPs agreed that apartments with a maximum size of 150 square meters can be built with a reduced tax of 5 percent in these areas. 

National memorial point, toll pricing, sport and language exams

A regulation on the designation of national memorials has been adopted. Now, any place related to a prominent person in the national public memory can be declared a national memorial. In addition, road tolls will follow inflation; sports teams separating off from an organization can play right away in a higher division; and the sign language exam will be state-recognized in the future.

The EPs also voted for the thirteenth monthly pension and for providing all students with free textbooks starting this autumn.

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