The Budapest velodrome will be built in Debrecen

The indoor cycling center will be able to host international competitions as well.

Budapest Fejlesztési Központ Zrt. (BFK) has announced an open public procurement tender for the preparatory works for the Debrecen velodrome. The deadline is June 8. 

The tender indicates that the complex planned for the county seat in Hajdúság will meet the highest criteria. The cycling center will not be built, as originally planned, in Budapest at the Óbuda Gas Factory. However, Budapest might still have a mobile velodrome built by Vuelta Kft.

The project was never taken off the agenda, even after Hungary withdrew from the competition to host the Olympics, but no progress had been made on the matter for years.

BFK noted that Hungary does not have an indoor cycling track in accordance with international sports federation regulations. So to develop the sport, the government decided in 2020 to build a velodrome and bicycle park in eastern Hungary.

The new cycling center in Debrecen will be shared by the various branches of the Hungarian Cycling Association; it will be a venue for a wide range of cycling events and also serve as the new center for domestic youth education.

The project will be built as a greenfield investment and will employ hundreds of people over several years. The facility will be suitable for international competitions as well. 

The indoor arena is expected to have a floor area of ​​at least 16,000 square meters, including a BMX track of at least 10,000 square meters. 

BFK has been appointed by the cabinet to manage the investment, and the center is working with the Debrecen municipality and the Hungarian Cycling Association on its implementation.

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