The Budapest-Belgrade railway is a reference project

The Hungarian section of the more than USD 2 billion Budapest-Belgrade railway line will allow goods from China to reach their destination as quickly as possible.

The project is of strategic, domestic, and international importance, Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics said, adding that the current phase of the project, which is due for completion by 2025, will involve the use of specialized high-performance machinery. 

He added that with the complete renewal of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line, goods from China to Europe will be able to reach their destination via Hungary as quickly as possible by passing through ports in Greece.

Palkovics pointed out that the railway line is part of the so-called Silk Road linking China and Asia with Europe, the section of which via Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan to China is now unusable, but the section via Turkey to Europe is open. 

The minister pointed out that the northern section of the line will also support suburban traffic in Budapest, as the resulting regular timetable will be able to significantly increase the current number of passengers, which is around 1 million. It will provide a high-quality, fast, comfortable and safe mode of transport, he added. 

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