The best startups in Hungary

There were so many successful startups in Hungary last year we nearly lost count! Here are the top 20.

1. A laundry service available throughout Hungary was announced by Mr. Jeff last year. You can call a courier who will take your dirty laundry and bring it back cleaned at a pre-arranged time.

2. Brillit debuted in July. Their goal is to prevent market players from losing orders simply because they are not experienced enough to write a good quote, which is what the company is helping them do.

3. A special solar panel developed by a Hungarian startup, Platio, allows visitors to Budapest City Park to recharge their electrical devices with 100 percent locally produced green energy.

4. In the fashion sector, a Hungarian startup won the Office of the Year 2019 competition for small businesses. Antavo, founded by four Hungarian youngsters in London, moved their headquarters to Szeged last year where they turned it into an award-winning business.

5. In June, Liszt Ferenc Airport helped kick off GreenGo, a car-sharing startup consisting of a fleet of electric cars available exclusively in Budapest.

6. More than 300 updated interactive audio books were available for free download from the BOOKR Kids Storybook during Spring Break 2019. The startup received a EUR 1 million equity investment from Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management Co. in 2018.

7. Hungarian students developed Pryme last year, a mobile application configured for Android and iOS. It helps young people get used to virtual dating and to become more familiar with real life situations.

8. In spring 2019, the California startup Lime, in partnership with the capital city of Budapest, began launching its electric roller sharing service. Presented in more than 100 cities worldwide, its e-scooters are equipped with built-in GPS and automatic locking.

9. Talentuno’s online recruitment platform is a downloadable application for smartphones where visitors can suggest potential candidates for open positions on the site. By the end of 2019, Zsolt Kelliár, co-founder and CEO of the Hungarian-owned operator, said he plans to increase the number of companies using the platform to 600.

10. A Hungarian startup, Clevercup, could replace disposable plastic cups in coffee shops with plastic smart glasses. Clevercup glasses are surrounded by a silicone strap with a QR code, which allows the guest to register on an internet interface where they can upload their balance. The next time you go for a coffee, just touch your glass to the reader and the system will detect that the guest is back and record your purchase on the loyalty system.

11. Without the internet, even while traveling, you can quickly and easily create spatial models with Hungarian startup application Shapr3D. One of the world’s leading IT companies, Apple, has even noticed Shapr3D, so much so that it has been featured three times on Apple Keynote.

12. The first comprehensive online health reservation system, Healhop, was launched in 2019. The goal of this innovative Hungarian startup is to provide transparent information about available treatments and to connect patients and quality private healthcare institutions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

13. HeatVentors, a Hungarian startup operating in the Start it @ K & H incubator, can provide an answer to efficient energy management. The company’s phase-change thermal energy storage system makes cooling systems at least 30-40 percent more efficient.

14. The Rollet parking application was launched in June, which eliminates the hassle of pay and park. Celebrating its one-year birthday this summer, the startup debuted in Debrecen last June and has since become one of the city’s most renowned players in the Smart City program.

15. A Hungarian startup called Fix24 received an investment of two hundred million forints from Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Manager in the summer. On the website, individuals can easily and quickly get a job offer from trusted professionals, and professionals can find new, viable clients.

16. The launch of Fuvar.hu, a Hungarian startup that specializes in freight forwarding, has been offering instant shipping quotes from GLS, TNT and the Hungarian Post Office, which can be selected by domestic SMEs or private individuals who require instant shipping. 

17. Thanks to the development of Aeriu, drones will soon take over the role of high-energy forklifts in stocking large warehouses, and Omnicoach has built the world’s first artificial intelligence system to assist the development of e-athletes. The two Hungarian startups were presented with professional support from the INPUT Program at the eMerge Americas Innovation Event in Miami.

18. Chameleon Smart Home, a Hungarian startup that develops smart solutions, was the first in the world to launch a self-learning heating controller based on artificial intelligence, and was awarded a grant by the National Office for Research and Innovation.

19. The Hungarian startup, Bitrise, set ambitious goals in 2019, and also received an unpublished amount of investment from American actor Ashton Kutcher. The startup, which will simplify the work of mobile app developers, is set to float on the American stock exchange NASDAQ within four to five years of opening overseas.

20. Entering the sharing economy, Spotager.com helps photographers and filmmakers find the perfect location for their project, while property owners can make money from their home or garden.

Here’s one to look out for in 2020: The Hungarian startup SimpleJob recently launched a chatbot application that helps recruit and screen applicants with artificial intelligence, removing significant burdens on corporate HR departments.

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