The Balaton-Drava corridor will be completely renewed

Deputy Minister of Innovation and Technology Tamás Schanda announced that road renovation has begun on Highway 68 between Lake Balaton and the southern border.

Good news was received by motorists driving between Barcs and the settlements along Highway 7 on the southwestern shore of Lake Balaton, as well as those traveling further to Keszthely or Hévíz. In addition to making travel easier and faster, the transport development will also stimulate the economy of Somogy County.

The majority of motorists to the Adriatic leave the country at Letenye, but many in Baranya and central and southern Somogy also choose the Barcs – Zagreb – Rijeka route. Thus, the reconstruction of Highway 68 will also affect them. 

On this road are three well-known medicinal water spots and a modern thermal bath. The new development will allow travelers to easily go from Lake Balaton to Marcali’s thermal and beach baths; the five-star spa in Nagyatád; or the spa, hotel and recreation area in Csokonyavisonta.

László Mosóczi, secretary of state for Transport Policy at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, said in a radio interview that work can now begin on more than 1,000 kilometers of road. The total value of this year’s highway investments could exceed up to HUF 300 billion. Recently, complete renovations have begun or are continuing on 87 road sections, a total of 235 kilometers, he summarized. 

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