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The agricultural digitalization of Hungary begins

A new cooperation will include the use of drones and 5G in the agricultural sector.

Csaba Gyuricza, Acting Rector of the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences (MATE), and András Levente Gál, professional leader of the Digital Welfare Program (DJP), signed a letter of intent to cooperate in the agricultural and logistics fields of digitization.

According to the announcement, András Levente Gál explained that the DJP has recently established an effective cooperation with its predecessor Szent István University in connection with the development and implementation of the Hungarian Digital Agricultural Strategy (DAS), adopted by the government in 2019, as well as its expansion into the Carpathian Basin and internationally. 

It has now become clear that data is the fuel of the digital economy of the 21st century, including digital agriculture. Therefore, an important element of the agreement is the development of data-driven agriculture, for which DJP and MATE will also set up a joint professional workshop. Details of the workshop’s activities will be laid out after the adoption of the new Data Assets Act, which will soon be submitted to the government, he added. 

The parties will cooperate in the preparation of research and development projects, dissertations, doctoral research topics, the development of drones and the use of 5G in the agricultural sector.

András Levente Gál drew attention to the fact that DJP and MATE are planning to cooperate not only in the field of agriculture but also in the field of logistics. 

Csaba Gyuricza emphasized that a Food Economics Data Center will be established to support the Digital Welfare Program in promoting new knowledge. The agreement with the DJP will contribute to the success of Hungary’s agricultural digitalization, helping the development of both the agriculture and countryside of Hungary, he added.

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