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The 38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition has opened

The exhibit features 350 photos at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center.

This year, 267 photographers submitted 2,488 applications, with a total of 6,079 images received. The international jury that chose the final winning photos highlighted the high number of submissions as well as their high quality, said Curator Tamás Szigeti.

The curator also said that the exhibition shows not only the winning entries but works of outstanding quality that did not win any award due to the strong competition. Szigeti pointed out that the show is also important because it looks back at life before the virus. 

“It reminds us that life was normal here, and maybe it gives us some hope that it will be so once again,” he added.

The most poignant event shown in the press photos from last year was the tragedy of the Mermaid cruise ship. In the category “news and event photos,” images capturing this sad event won a first (Tamás Dombóvári freelance) and a third prize (Zoltán Balogh, MTI / MTVA). Tamás Dombóvári also won the Károly Escher prize for the best news image. 

Meanwhile, the drone shots in the nature and science category opened up entirely new perspectives in photography, the curator said, adding that Milán Radisics is at the forefront of this category in Hungary; last year, he won the grand prize at the Hungarian Press Photo Competition with a nature photo taken with a drone.

Every year for more than 20 years, a book has been published with not only the award-winning photos but other images from the competition not on display at the exhibit. 

The exhibition is at the Capa Center on Nagymező Street until November 15. 

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